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Adventure, exploration, mobility and exercise are some of the benefits of riding a bicycle. It is a planet-friendly recreational activity and a form of active transportation that leads to greater awareness of our body, our community and our planet. People of all ages and abilities can acquire this life-long skill. It is a healthy discipline and a wonderful wellness resource that facilitates family and community engagement. Riding a bicycle is a great cardiovascular exercise that enhances respiration, stimulates circulation of beneficial endorphins and creates a heightened awareness of our environment.


Paul and Andréa team up to offer weekly Learn-to-Ride group classes for children/teens and bi-monthly classes for adults. Skill building/street savvy cycling classes prepare riders for the next level whether riding on the road or along a shared use path. We also offer customized lessons to help individuals’ meet their specific needs and goals: 


1. private learn to ride lessons 

2. ride to work/school/errands

3. ride with groups

4. route planning







Kids/Teens: LEARN 2 RIDE

Adults/Teens: LEARN 2 RIDE

Bicycle Skill Building Course



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Street Smart Cycling Course

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Paul Mickiewicz / Andréa Silk

League Certified Instructors

Cycling Savvy Instructors






Group classes / Private lessons 

Children / Teens / Adults

Gift Certificates too!


Want to turn your bike or trike into an 


Kit info & local assembly contact:


Torin Schraven




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